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Small, safe and efficient –
the new Steripower Picco 500

Made out of stainless steel

Facts to the Picco 500:

  • No maintenance
  • Dosage
    Application specific dosage setting in 10 levels from 0,5 ml to 5 ml.
  • Wide opening
    for touchless disinfection of one hand. Excess liquid
    cannot harm floor or working surfaces.
  • Mains or rechargeable battery operated
    Permanent mains or rechargeable battery operated (Flexible positioning) stand by time approx. 6 week
    or 4000 applications.
  • Compatibility
    Works with all known disinfection liquids
    (max. 0,5 litre containers).
  • Sensor
    When putting ones hand into the opening the sensor releases one application with the specific dosage.
  • Spraying
    Cover the hand equally with disinfection liquid.
    No nebulizing, therefore no aerosol vapours.
  • Collecting dish
    With absorbing pad. Excess liquid will be captured and enclosed.
  • DIN Charging socket
    If used as table set pls plug in the delivered
    charger here
  • Variable
    Can be fixed o the wall or used as a table set
  • Optional: Door release
    Optional connection for signal operated door release.
  • Dimensions
    height 380 mm
    width 215 mm
    depth 235 mm

Worldwide Distribution through
our distribution partners.
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