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5 Litres - just push!
With innovative "turn & spray" system!


10 facts about Sprayer200:

  • Rechargeable battery pack
    Nickel metal hybride battery.
    Good for up to 5 litres permanent spray action.
  • Electrical pump
    Silent maintenance-free pump which does not require propellant.
  • High quality PE head
    Good looking ergonomical spray head, comfortable handling.
  • Spray nozzle
    Adjustable from compact jet spray (around 4 meters) to fine mist.
  • Fallweight
    Weight with sieve "turn & spray" system!
  • Charging socket
    To connect to the mains with enclosed charger. (DIN)
  • Container:
    Suitable for water-based chemicals as well as acids, alcoholic surface disinfection liquids, all liquid cleaners etc.
  • Push button
    Perfect, steady spraying action using a light touch of the finger. No tiresome pumping
  • Flexible tubing
    with weight and sieve. Enables the innovative "turn & spray" system. You can spray from all positions (360 degrees), even upside down!
  • Extras
    20cm Sprayer extension, Foam noozle, different coloured noozles, tunnel
Please also visit our Sprayer200 page with animation: www.sprayer200.de

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